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Can you name the words, names and phrases containing the word 'butt'?

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A counterargument, or legal evidence that contradicts previous evidence
Some people call it their navel
A hill that arises sharply and steeply from the surrounding area, or a city in Montana
A wall-reinforcing support
Slang for gossip or rumour, derived from a naval term for water cask or fountain
The three gluteal muscles make up this part of the human anatomy
Actor/comedian Red won the Best Supporting Actor Oscar in 1957 for his role in Sayonara
To drive one's skull into an opponent
To interrupt a conversation or force one's way into a queue
Usually consists of just the filter and a bit of wrapper and burnt tobacco
Alternative name for the cornflower, sounds like part of an unmarried man's apparel
Bordering on; having one edge of a property or object directly touching that of another
EU's only single to enter the Billboard Hot 100 hit number 35; it topped the Black Music charts
To unfasten the front of one's shirt
Partner of Beavis
Some software games or websites may have this, in case you are about to get caught at work
This alt band's 1996 album, Electriclarryland, featured the Modern Rock chart-topper 'Pepper'
2002-03 computer animated Nickelodeon series featuring B-Bop A-Luna and Do-Wah Diddy
To jab an opponent sharply with the handle of a hockey stick
Trombone of the Renaissance and Baroque eras (variant)
Amy Fisher's notorious lover
The most valuable US autograph is from the 2nd signatory to the Declaration of Independence

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