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Can you name the Top Magazine Covers from 1965 - 2005?

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John Lennon and Yoko Ono lying in bed1981
Nude pregnant Demi Moore1991
The Passion of Muhammad Ali: Ali with arrows in his body1968
Drawing of New York from Hudson River and rest of the country to Pacific Ocean1976
Andy Warhol drowning in Campbells soup can The decline and collapse of American avant-garde1969
Twin towers drawing in all black against a gray skyline2001
If you don't buy this magazine, we'll kill this dog Man pointing gun at worried dog1973
Oh my God we hit a little girl.1966
Linda Evangelista holding up the letter A in magazines title: Enter the Era of Elegance1992
Afghan girl Haunted eyes of an Afghan refugees fears1985
Drama of life before birth. Fetus in womb drawing1965
Is God Dead?1966
Man on the moon: To the moon & back1969
New Yorkistan map: New York divided into Middle Eastern names 2001
Model Jean Shrimpton's face peering through pink cutout1966
Two camels portraying: The Trouble with Mergers1994
Lichtenstein drawing: The gun in America1968
Michael Jordan jumping against all-white background1998
Smiling Bill Clinton photo2000
Black and white photo of a man diving1997
Vietcong prisoner with eyes and mouth taped shut: The blunt reality of war in Vietnam1965
Cindy Crawford dressed as George Washington1995
George Bush: What me, worry?2000
Andy Warhol photographing model for the Christmas issue1972
Photo of twin towers terrorist bombing2001
Young Mia Farrow biting a strand of pearls, set to star in Gatsby1974
Nude Dixie Chicks - Country's controversial superstars take on their critics2003
Black and white photo: Vietcong zero in on vulnerable U.S. copters1965
African American woman posing on bunny chair1971
Up from the ashes: Man covered in ashes after 9/11 terrorist attacks2001
Half Bush, half Gore photo: And the winner is...2000
Nicole Kidmans back profile dress in an elegant gown2004
The Nixon Tapes: Aerial view of the White House turned into a tape recorder1973
Apple symbol covered in barbed wire: Pray 1997
New York society women with fists upraised: Free Leonard Bernstein1970
Black and white Princess Diana photo1997
Cyndi Lauper sporting classic Hollywood look1989
The brand called You against a Tide background1997
Best Dressed College Girls with a black woman as the cover model (first time a black woman appeared on the cover of a national womens magazine)1968
Gorilla taking photograph: Conversations with a gorilla1978
Ellen DeGeneres: Yep, Im Gay1997

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