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CluePlace Name
Germany is the only country that shares a land border with this country
Its state capital is Little Rock
Largest Canadian province, by area, that has never had an NHL team
Cuba, Jamaica, Hispaniola and Puerto Rico are the Greater ________
Landlocked country that borders only South Africa
Sapporo is the largest city on this Japanese island
English city famed for its White Cliffs
When this 14th State joined the Union, it was originally called New Connecticut
The smallest of the Great Lakes
River that forms part of the US-Mexico border, or a 1950 John Ford film
The Incan ruins of Machu Picchu are located in these mountains
The name of this state capital comes from the French for '(of) Monks'
It wouldn't be surprising if the residents of this large German city were always eating
Dakar is its capital
San Antonio Mission where Davey Crockett died
Smallest Principality in Europe
CluePlace Name
When the rest of these islands in the Mozambique Channel became independent, Mayotte chose to remain with France
New Mexico town purported to be a center of UFO activity
Third largest city in New Zealand, named after Arthur Wellesley
The 'Friendly Islands' gained independence from Great Britain in 1970
The internet TLD for this country is .gm
This republic separated briefly from Nigeria in the 1960's
Normandy is located in this country
This city, along with Melilla, are Spanish enclaves in North Africa
A Normandy beachhead was named after this US state
Most of the residents of French Polynesia live on this island
One of four islands that Indonesia shares with other countries
This country claims the Spanish North African enclaves
This island in the Ligurian Sea was the birthplace of Napoleon
Formerly known as Kampuchea and the Khmer Republic
This Oahu mountain is one of the definitive views of Hawaii
The former capital of the People's Democratic Republic of Yemen, or the gulf it is situated on

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