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Can you name the numbers to enter on a calculator to spell these words (READ FIRST COMMENT BEFORE STARTING)?

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ClueNumbers EnteredWord
Talks like a turkey
Saturday Night Fever's 'Stayin Alive' band
Honking birds
Websites consisting of regular entries of descriptive narrative and/or opinions
Band that had hits with 'Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress' and 'Bus Stop' - they were named after a singer killed in a plane crash
Game that uses a timer and sixteen lettered dice
Storage buildings for grain
'Mutiny on the Bounty' Captain
Shakespeare's theatre, or a Boston newspaper
Stamp collecting, gardening and watching TV are examples of these
The red-footed or blue-flooted varieties of these birds can be found on the Galapagos
First two words of 'Winter Wonderland'
Toronto Raptors' leading scorer, 2003 - 2009, or an interjection meaning 'Nonsense!'
Penniless vagabonds; Britt, Iowa hosts their annual National Convention
ClueNumbers EnteredWord
Laughs in a bubbly way
A Holy book
Rustic mountain people (even if they move to Beverly)
2009 Fox TV show about a school choir
State capital of Idaho
Coating applied to lips to make them shiny
British policemen
Nick name of Black Sox member Joe Jackson
Plural form of the word describing the study of life and living organisms
Opening track on AC/DC's 'Back In Black' album
A yellowish cream colour; the most popular colour of cargo pants after khaki
Calvin's tiger
#1 hit for A Taste of Honey in 1978
Effeminate cowards

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