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DescriptionFood or Drink
White cheese of Italian origin, generally made from cow or water buffalo milk
Spanish tomato soup, served cold
Dish associated with Little Caesar's or Domino's
Anise-flavoured spirit from Greece
Thin pancake - its name is of Yiddish origin
Cucumber-shaped vegetable of the summer squash family
Salted bread pastry usually found in knotted or braided format
Penne-like pasta, usually broken into 2 inch pieces; its name comes from the Italian word for fiancee
Sausage originating in Spain and Portugal - a spicy version is popular in Mexico
Potterville, Michigan hosts an annual fest for this poultry organ, often eaten fried
Water into which carbon dioxide has been dissolved (and not solely for old-time comedians to spray at each other)
Shaved peel of citrus fruits used for flavouring
Pizza dough, folded into a turnover, containing cheese and/or other stuffings
This Austrian dish consists of thinly sliced veal, coated with breadcrumbs, and fried
Thin, sweet bread, similar to Melba Toast, made with eggs and baked twice
DescriptionFood or Drink
Slang term for alcohol
Japanese name for dumpling or 'pot sticker'
Generic term applied to a cocktail consisting of gin, carbonated water, sugar and lemon juice
Sugary coating applied to food such as doughnuts and ham
American dish named after an Italian opera star, consisting of (white) meat, mushrooms, almonds and a butter/parmesan/wine sauce
An effect named for this nut describes the phenomenon whereby large items rise to the top of mixtures of different-sized objects
Spicy cuisine originating in southwest China
Aromatic grape of pink to red color, used to make white wine. The first part of the name is German for 'spicy'
Small, rice-shaped wheat pasta, its name means 'barley', from which it was originally made
A dark-skinned grape used to produce red wines
Cracker-like flatbread, substituted for bread during Passover
Sugar and almond-based confection, often shaped into figurines
Although made from a red grape, the white version of this wine accounts for almost 10% of US wine sales
This nut is used to make Frangelico; its most common variety is the filbert
Greek dipping sauce made from yoghurt and cucumbers, often served with souvlaki
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