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Founded the first Viking Settlement in Greenland
Manfred von Richthofen was not
Snoopy's friend
Waters that were parted in Exodus
Florida college football event in which Florida State defeated Northern Illinois in 2013
Disneyland is located in this California district
Defoliant used during the Vietnam War
This mosquito-borne disease has been re-emerging in Africa
1966 Donovan song or, with an alternate spelling, a drink from the Coca Cola Company
Cowardly, or a variety of sapsucker
A version of Rockband featuring this American Idiot band was slated for released 2010
This verdant shade is particularly appropriate for St. Patrick's Day (or Clarkson)
John Wayne movie about the subjects of SSgt Barry Sadler's #1 song
Cop drama formerly starring David Caruso
Facepainted, bald performance artists who play a variety of odd instruments
Have this vodka, curacao and lemonade drink while watching a Brooke Shields movie!
Third book in James Owens' 'Chronicles of the Imaginarium Geographica' series
Female group that hit with 'Closer To Fine'
This Duke Ellington-composed jazz standard provides the closing music for 'The Cotton Club'
This colleague of Andy Warhol was born Isabelle Collin Dufresne
Follows 'Roses are red...' in a classic love verse
A Golden Ticket got her into the Wonka factory

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