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Forced Order
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Dick's name for liquid filth at Spruce
Name of wooden female at original Spruce
'Ow. Ow.'
Kyle's beer of choice
Instrumental video game, a staple of early Spruce parties
Stole Pablo's phone
After being fouled, the big guy on Al Wahda calls Chai2 this
Elite squad whose sole purpose is to chai on n00bz
Dick's not so innocent crush
Type of fuel that Schmock prefers
Long Chau resembles a tree stump on ____
Box with a hole on each side and a ho inside
Michael Grubb enjoys eating this
Schmockle _________
Was flashing his double E's on Bourbon
Alternative way of spelling Pablo
Julian got road head from:
Lux's doppelganger
Has a receding hairline
LSWHO? LSPOO? LS____________
Known for charging down the right flank
BigJ is a ____ ______ (weight)
Shattered Ian's collarbone
Pablo's run of good luck
When you're with Schmock, it feels like you're in a _____ ________
Roly, Poly...
Jumped off a balcony in Baton Rouge while crunk
Why? Why not? ________________!!
Lux's famed custom made PFL jersey
First word Pablo says when trying to convince you to do something
Career was ended when crushed by 200 lb. Dick
Dick's favorite photo of old men
SBFC (acronym)
Schmock's theme song
Favorite Strip Club
In Spruce lingo, K's are often replaced with this sound
Yin screened this person's call
Ryan the Man's favorite song
Event at Republic that encourages stockpiling
Draws frequent comparisons to Ernest Wilford
Renowned for his sneaking ability
Area of Spruce occupied primarily by Khai
Yin hates this video game
Ryan the Man's favorite online video
Name of Khai's sisters
Yurik Haines, Commissioner of ________
Jacked up Yin and knocked his teeth in
PFL games played at night
A victory by this team sent BigJ fleeing back to Alabama
Dick, Sam, and CD were _________ outside Spruce
The Pwny
BigJ and Steve Smith's jersey number
Restaurant that Khai wanted to go to for a lengthy period of time
Thought that he shared a birthday with Jason Bourne, but it was just a code
Known to sweat profusely with any physical exertion
Label that connects Shaun Alexander, BigJ, and Hot Boy Ronald Steele
The PFL's Stormin' Mormon
Almost heaven...
Schmock's favorite song to sing at Cat's Meow
PWMNA (acronym)
Drink that POOED on BigJ on BigJ Day
Yin's favorite beer
The other J Gutta
Shot that Chai2 used to score his epic goal at indoor
Fr4nk's real name
NOT a dinosaur
Ideal round to draft Devin Hester (fantasy)
'That's a ________!!!' (while extending arms forward and clapping)
Drinking game involving tossing a flexible ball in a circle
Khai's going out polo (circa 2007)
'Scurred _____ don't make ______'
Florida QB before Tebow
Arabic soccer team that arrives in taxi vans
Food that July frequently must make
PFFL (acronym)
This person is spotted in random places across the globe
Yin hates these fish
Said while going into a batter's stance
Original Spruce United pre game pump up song
Has the whitest teeth and most volumous hair
Pussy Squirt
Grow inside Spruce
BigJ's NCAA/NFL counterpart
Kentucky Derby winning horse
4 way Spruce beer for beer
Symbol that the Chai2 gesture is frequently mistaken for
60 minutes of drinking fun
Enjoyed a refreshing post workout protein shake
Italian chap known for his screamable name and desire to see titties
Beloved Honduran ref who enjoys wilding out
Full first name of the Spruce cat
Spruce party where two 14 year old girls were making out on the floor
Popular Spruce competitive singing game
BigJ scored 2 goals and had 4 assists, all on a ___________________
Yin and Ian draw comparisons to this NFL player
'Dude, that guy would NOT ___ ___'
Cyan brought this his first time at Spruce
Wingzone Combo/Nucular Wingzone
Kirk's least favorite subculture group
You can bounce this off Schmock's ass

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