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Forced Order
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Khai's favorite movie
Took Euro 08 from Spruce (person)
Swept freshly cut hair behind the bathroom door to avoid detection
Potent weapon created by forming an X with the forearms
Movie that inspires one to pound chest while barking
LSG students can't do ______
Name of Spruce band
Youngster who torched BigJ for 4 TDs
Nearly lost both feet during post Super Bowl festivities
Dick's favorite deceased celebrity
Avian toy used to cover up genitalia when naked
Afro-American member of the Pastel Cartel
Yin, George and Schmock's stuffed Chai2 doll
Means 'what do you want?'
That Guy
Known for having a big head
Julio's favorite number
Beer Pong, except with buckets of beer and beach balls
Street that current Spruce is located on
One must be a legit ___ in BTB on Halo 2 to talk to Cyan
Brought pr0nz to the first Big Sausage Tuesday
PFL play designed for Mithun to run a fly route
Aww, are you ___?
Is a better slasher than you think
Is constantly tired due to excessive pelvic thrustin
Golden Meadows
2 Time PFL Co-MVP
Street that Spruce 2.0 was located on
Chaitanya _________ Nandipati
Popular song that was sung everyime one purchases a refreshment
Khai's middle name
Spruce Guido
Jar O' ______
________ FELL!!!!!
You just fouled this guy
Barbarian City that reminds one of Chai2
Sound a Deathface/Elephant makes
Tub O' _____
Number of championships BAMA has won
Brady _____________ Quinn
Khai's favorite way to tackle
Got his bird wet in Dick's bedroom, much to Dick's horror
Ho at Pat Fannies whose friends became enemis of Spruce
Broke down Mithun's door
Top Spruce PYGPer
Pot O' ________
Christened by Ryan the Man
'I LOVE the support on this team!'
Emoticon to indicate Chai2ing
Spruce Chicken (game)
Street that transitional Spruce was located on
J Gutta does not enjoy being called this
Size of BigJ after slimming down
PFL (acronym)
# of losses a Les Miles coached team is guaranteed each year
What you say when pounding your chest while pointing skywards
'I WANNA BIRD ____________________!!'
Bar where Spruce and DOODZE united to poo on some folks
His ha-ed hurts
Those hos are SO _______, dawg
Shelton Quarles' real name
Breakfast at Sonic
Color of Julian's vomit
Byron Lockhart
Has a poor Clean to Mess Ratio
The Best
The highest level of ornithology
Matt Hunter, AKA ___________________
Mass text from Khai says this
Phrase meaning 'No means no'
What Dick says before lifting an object
JaMarcus and Big Baby enjoy eating _____
Darius______________ Walker
Dick's favorite supplement
To mess something up
The trio of Paul, Dax, Byron
Dick's favorite entree at IHOP
Man who shut down Dwight Howard
'That his BIRD????'
JaMarcus Russell nickname
Custom Spruce mixed drink
Mr. Nose
Field where PFL games were originally played
Street that Spruce 1.0 was located on
Dueling type game that is taking US by storm
O.P. (acronym)
BigJ Guth's future middle name
'Are you hurt or are you _________?'
Long time word of the month
Number 1 Civilization IV rival
Most notorious Spruce drinking game
'LETS GO TO __________!!!!!!!'
PYGP (acronym)
Brady Quinn says this with emphasis
Mr. Log
What Big J says in order to shed would be tacklers
Better than most people at most things (person)
PFL option offense featuring Kirk
Mallory's favorite movie
FC Faggots is now known as....
EA Sports (person)
Poster of ______________hangs over Yin's bed
July is NOT a _______ general
PFL career sack leader (debatable)
'Say girl, you wanna play ______?'
Banned from PFL
_____FEST '08
PFL version of the hurry up offense
'There will be a striker, __________'
__________ power plant; reaction
Favorite Spruce watering hole
Most popular Spruce pr0n
Box O' _____
Spruce Quarters (drinking game)
Bird blocked Dick while wearing a colored shirt
FC (acronym)
Favorite Vietnamese singer
Soft Drink consumed with Wingzone
Kyle's EPL counterpart
To be hungover or hungry
Cyan's vehicle
Chai2's signature soccer move
To play golf
Only non first ballot PFL Hall of Famer
Terrifying food that comes in cardboard cartons (nationality)
Julian Luna's real name
K2 (like the mountain)
Khai is _____
Movie Theme that requires dance off pants off
Stick in the mud
A lot of something
Best place to wild the cluck out on Saturday nights
Dawg, let's go ____ *moans*!!!!
Golden Meadows and Fielky are ___________
You have to constantly watch this person at PFL
Favorite Spruce Nightclub
BigJ can't feel his _______

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