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Name the business terms that derive their name from earthly beasts.

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DescriptionBusiness BeastClue to animal answer
When an investor will never be able to make a profit on the transactions they make.Animal begins with an A
When a stock market enters a long-term decline.Animal begins with a B
When the price of shares on the stock market is rising.Animal begins with a B
An item that keeps providing a constant cash flow with very little maintenance.Animal begins with a C
A policy maker or adviser who tends to be less willing to see higher interest rates to curb inflation.Animal begins with a D
Fixed interest instruments that are issued by Asian nations and are denominated in US dollars.Animal begins with a D
A graph that represents world income growth and pinpoints relative gain in household capita between 1988 and 2008.Animal begins with an E
A rich and greedy person who owns lots of assets and uses the work of others to get even richer.Animal begins with a C
A company which has the biggest market share in the industry but doesn't have a monopoly.Animal begins with a G
A policymaker or adviser who tends to put a high priority on curbing inflation and is more willing to see higher interest rates to achieve that.Animal begins with a H
A limited-risk, limited profit trading strategy. It involves the investor putting themselves in a protected situation whatever happens with the market.Animal begins with a B
A limited risk trading strategy but with high odds - designed so there is a large probability of earning a small limited profit.Animal begins with a C
A place where there is intense competition and where survival of the fittest rules.This is where some animals live - J
These help a company come up with defence strategies to stave off an attempted hostile takeover bids.Animal begins with a B
Makes for easy prey. It refers to an individual or company that cannot keep up with the rest of the market.Animal begins with a D
DescriptionBusiness BeastClue to animal answer
Active investors who keep checking their financial portfolios for signs of bad news.Animal begins with a M
A Canadian start-up that is valued at more than $1bn and founded after 1999.Animal begins with an N
This occurs when investors try to ignore negative financial information.Animal begins with an O
This is a clause in a corporation's charter or bylaws to prevent a hostile takeover bid.Animal begins with a P
This occurs when markets are overvalued and the stock valuations are inflated by central bank policy.Animal begins with a P
This is a someone in a leadership role who does not encourage her subordinates' development, especially if they are women.Animal begins with a B
A legal document filed by a company in connection to its initial public offering, but it doesn't include key details (e.g. how many shares offered).This type of animal begins with a H
This is a company that is trying to execute a hostile takeover.Animal begins with an S
The economy of a country which is undergoing rapid economic growth and progression in its living standards.Animal begins with a T
Used to describe start-ups that have grown from nothing to be worth at least $1bn.Animal begins with a U
Invests in distressed firms, assets or bonds in the hope that there will be a turnaround and one can then profit from this.Animal begins with a V
A suave investor.Animal begins with a W
This beast ends in the letter X - think Spanish exchange index.Animal ends with an X
A task that has to be performed otherwise a project becomes stagnant and you can't move on.Animal begins with a Y
An emerging movement looking to get more funding for starts up created by women and people from ethnic minorities.Animal begins with a Z

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