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AOrbitals fill in order of increasing energy
BAllotrope of carbon with the formula C60
CAn object that is not superposable on its mirror image
DTerm describing orbitals with equal energy
ESpecies that can accept a pair of electrons to form a new covalent bond
FSandwich compound with the formula Fe(C5H5)2
GTerm for alkyl- or aryl- magnesium halides
HHermitian operator that consists of kinetic energy and potential energy components
IA compound containing a carbon-nitrogen double bond. Also known as a Schiff base
JNumber relating the change in temperature of a gas to the change in pressure at constant enthalpy
KA compound containing a carbonyl group bonded to two carbons.
LIntermolecular force resulting from induced dipole-induced dipole interactions.
MDescribes the kinetics of enzyme catalyzed reactions
NA spectroscopic technique that measures the energy associated with nuclear spin flips
ODescribes the relative positions of the functional groups in 1,2-dimethylbenzene
PA covalent bond formed by the overlap of parallel p-orbitals.
QThe arrangement of polypeptide monomers into a noncovalently bonded aggregate.
RA mixture of equal amounts of two enantiomers
SA bimolecular nucleophilic substitution reaction
TThe functional group R-SH
UThe repeating motif from which a crystal could be constructed by simple translation operations
VA group of intermolecular forces including dipole-dipole, dipole-induced dipole, and dispersion forces
WThe minimum energy required to remove an electron from a material
XThe first binary compound discovered containing a noble gas
YA neutral molecule with positive and negative charges on adjacent atoms
ZThe energy that remains in a quantum mechanical system even at absolute zero

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