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Forced Order
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Translate incola
What is a bundle of sticks that represent power?
Who is Apollo's sister?
What is the third person plural Future Perfect of Sum
Translate we will have been unfriendly
What is the best TV show in the world (Joey Haig made this)
Translate magna cum audacia
Translate the camp is the camp
What is Bacchus the goddes of?
What are the fours pain words in the order PAIN seperated by commas and a space
Who is the maiden who is taken down to the Under World by Pluto
Who overthrew the Roman Monarchy and created the Roman Republic
Who is the goddess of wisdom
Who was against Carthage and always said CARTHAGE MUST BE DESTROYED
Translate the enemy attacked the camp
Who was honest and didn't except bribary?
What is the vocative singular of Lucius
Who is genetive singular of Iter
Who is the coolest person in the world?
What gender are the pain words
_______ Julius Caesar
Who helped the Roman hostages escape back to Rome

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