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Can you name all the NCT members ??(OT23)

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HOW TO PLAY Start with A1's hint and then proceed with the hint and whenever u get the name of the member correct just look at the left sides hint and proceed. All the best.
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A1- starting should always be with our leader,right? *let me introduce u2 the second lead in the C3

A2- 🎵 `Baby-Baby-baby Ohh~'🎵teen superstar a TV show won by the member below me 👇.

A3- Ahh its too embarrassing Ahh~ ok in B5 is the one who is cute for cracking his voice on national TV.(hint: 🎵naigi noppunia- -hh)
A4- the members in NCT 127 unit are in the 4th row👉the zeus is in D4.

A5- (hint: the new member)yuta's country-mate is in A2.

B1- Thanxx for having this quiz . Good Day✌.

B2- yeh sexy~ cha> everyone sing with me `Never stop keep breaking out still working all the time in D1.

B3- //shouts// I CAN SHOW YOU THE WORLD !!

B4- roar!ROAR!!🎵 `Ayo listen up no matter what they,no mpatter what they do,we go resonate. Resonate '🎵is in A5.
B5- In C5 the member who is exactly 1 month younger than me and thenin D5 their is our full sun.

C1- 🎵`jshdhbj classic- ndjx chi~~ ndj say cheese dnxh~ make V✌'🎵is in E2. (hint: the second Chan)

C2- oh! We know that anyway. Saranghae💚NCTzens. Now its time to say `goodbye' in B1.

C3- (hint: WAYV) our tall handsome centre is in E1. Is desparately searching for his lady.

C4- my love ❤who always rejects me is in D3 .wae!WHY!! Do that to me. Can't you just accept my feelings,huh?
C5- owo... uri daegal ,is so.. cute.hehe .the rude owner is in C1

D1- the member with the long bold/golden hair in work it unit is in E4 .

D2- i don't know we should say goodbye to u so just type on my left `NCT THE BEST'

D3- NO! Andwe!! The member who became the rapunzel on my B'day is in B3.

D4-the members in WAYV unit are in the 3rd row. Oh! I should call out my pet in B4. LION.

D5- where is my moon (dramatically)Moon oh! there u r in C4.

E1-member in E5 whose adultness is celebrated in rooftop fight .

E2- the one who always find cool things are sexy is in B2

E3- the member who is being famous for a fabulous meme `Now I Know' is in A4 .(hint: rabbit)

E4- C'mon Jay be quiet don't cry... Go for D2 (hint: he lived in America for four years and that's why he is here man)

E5- I am the only cute youngest right cezennies.the who is called as the cute youngest in E3 (hint:WAYV)

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