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What is the causative agent of Q fever?
What color does a Gram-positive bacteria stain?
What shape is the causative agent of anthrax?
What is the causative agent of thrush?
What genus does the vector of yellow fever belong to?
What is the causative agent of peptic ulcers?
What genus does the causative agent of gonorrhea belong to?
What strain of Escherichia coli is most pathogenic?
What genus of fluke causes snail fever?
What shape is the causative agent syphilis?
What class of alveolate does Plasmodium fall under?
What genus includes the causative agent of Dutch Elm
What genus does pinworm fall under?
Who's decision to sterilize operating theaters saved countless lives?
What kingdom does Aspergillus belong to?
What organism is the source of roughly 70% of food poisoning cases?
Name the filovirus with a 91% fatality rate.
Who first proposed the theory of spontaneous generation?
What is the causative agent of typhoid fever?
What yeast is critical for the production of beer?
What is the causative agent of smallpox
What fungus devastated Irish potato farming in 20th century?
What is the causative agent of AIDS
What is the causative agent of crown gall?
Who developed the first vaccines for Rabies and leprosy?
What kingdom do dermatophytes such as ringworm belong to?
Which virus really, really sucks?
What molecule comprises the cell walls of most bacteria?
What is the causative agent of bubonic plague?

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