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Can you name the Can you name the words that begin and end with the letter P?

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An abnormal growth or tissue
Slightly overweight, chubby
The substance between the membranes of a citrus fruit
Type of vehicle with an open bed in the back
Michael Jackson was the king of this
Slang term for someone who commits a crime
An upper body exercise
A man who exploits women for sexual reasons
Sound an object can make falling into water (__ __ fizz fizz!)
First name of the actor who portrayed Truman Capote (2005)
A test or smear for women
Antagonist of 'Great Expectations'
What women do to get ready before going out for the evening
A little kid's # 2
Spunk, cheerfulness
A theatrical object on stage
A model or actress whose picture is mass produced. Usually on dormroom walls

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