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Can you name the Best Superhero Movies Of All Time?

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1.Heath Ledger
2.Robert Downey Jr
3.Christian Bale
4.Tobey Maguire
5.Patrick Stewart
6.Craig T. Nelson (Animated)
7.Jack Nicholson
8.Ian McKellen
9.Willem Dafoe
10.Natalie Portman
11.Christopher Reeve
12.Nicolas Cage
13.James McAvoy
14.Ron Perlman
15.Wesley Snipes
16.Billy Crudup
17.Danny DeVito
18.Chris Hemsworth
19.Peter Weller
20.Mickey Rourke
21.Bruce Willis
22.Dana Delany (Animated)
23.Michael Cera
24.Selma Blair
25.Kris Kristofferson
26.Gene Hackman
27.Edward Norton
28.Jim Carrey
29.Hugh Jackman
30.Halle Berry

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