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Can you name the animals that can be found in and around Antarctica?

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Clue Animal Mammal or Bird
In the 1800's thousands of the seals were slaughtered for their peltsMammal
Penguin species that have ornate yellow eyebrowsBird
Largest of all penguin speciesBird
Species of penguin in which courtship begins with a fightBird
Bird that eats fish by diving using a unique billBird
Largest of all seal speciesMammal
Albatross species that has a 8 foot wingspanBird
Also known as a killer whaleMammal
Clue Animal Mammal or Bird
Seal species where females are larger than malesMammal
Largest of all whale speciesMammal
Penguin that has a narrow band of black under the beakBird
Seal that has the same name as an ice shelf in antarctica Mammal
Albatross species that wanders the ocean for months seeking foodBird
Most numerous species of seal in the worldMammal
Seal species name after a large predator catMammal

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