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Can you name the harry potter ravenclaws?

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R.R (founder)
H.R(founder's daughter)
U.t.O( jelly fish hat)
I.W ( invented floo powder)
L.d.M (love potions)
B.F (headmaster)
P.F (lunascope)
G.O (wandmaker)
M.W (girls toilet 2nd book)
F.F (charms)
G.L (good at memory charms)
S.T (divination)
Q.Q (DADA 1st book)
P.C (percy's girlfriend)
R.D (yule ball with fleur)
D.I (quidditch beater)
G.P (quidditch keeper)
J.S (quidditch beater)
J.S (quidditch chaser)
S.F (yule ball with stebbins)
M.B (Damocles' nephew)
C.C (quidditch seeker)
M.E (cho's friend)
A.G (in DA)
M.C (ginny's boyfriend order of phoenix)
P.P (parvatis twin)
T.B (in DA)
L.L ('You're just as sane as I am')

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