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fictional robot who tried to kill astronauts on spaceship Discovery in Arthur C. Clarke's book and Stanley Kubrick's film 
real robot that was the first to react to unplanned events on the surface of another planet 
fictional robot who helps Luke Skywalker in George Lucas' series of films 
real robot;first industrial robot; worked with an assembly line at a General Motors plant 
real robot that was the first to walk dynamically;developed by Honda Motors Co. 
real robot that was the first that could claim to reason about its actions 
fictional robot who was a Japanese comic book and television show character; originally named Tetsuwan Atom, he was a child robot with superpowers 
fictional robot who was built by Dr. Morbius in MGM's 1956 film; also a popular toy at the time 
fictional robot who also helps Luke Skywalker in George Lucas' film series 
real robot dog created by Sony 
real robotic arm that was created in 1978;can perform operations like pick-and-place, assembly, and packaging applications 
fictional android from Steven Spielberg's 2001 film; looks like a ten year old boy and is capable of emotion 
fictional robot from Fritz Lang's 1927 German film; created by a mad scientist in a city, this robot resembles the city's ruler's dead wife 
fictional robot who is the alien Klaatu's bodyguard in the classic 1951 film 
real one-legged robot that can stand upright while moving but not when still 
real vehicle that can steer itself at legal speeds on everyday roads and highways 
real toy that allows people of all ages to build and program a working robot in only 30 minutes 
fictional robot who was the chief operations officer of the U.S.S Enterprise on a television show that ran from 1987-1994; he possessed super-strength and encyclopedic memory 

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