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ReactionAnswerAspect of Reaction
Nitration of BenzeneReagent
Alkaline Hydrolysis of an EsterReagent
Reduction of an AldehydeFunctional Group of Organic Product
Bromination of BenzeneCatalyst
Oxidation of a secondary alcoholConditions
Reduction of an AldehydeConditions
Acid Hydrolysis of an EsterFunctional Groups in products
Alkaline Hydrolysis of an EsterConditions
Bromination of BenzeneReagent
Preparing an aliphatic amineHomologous series of organic reagent
Reduction of NitrobenzeneConditions
Bromination of PhenolReagent
Oxidation of a primary alcoholProduct when distilled
Synthesis of azo dyeCatalyst
Preparing an aliphatic amineRegant
Preparing an aliphatic amineConditions
Oxidation of a secondary alcoholFunctional Group of Organic Product
Reduction of an AldehydeReagent
Nitration of BenzeneCatalyst
Hydration of a HalogenoalkaneReagents
Bromination of PhenolObservation
Acid Hydrolysis of an EsterCatalyst
Oxidation of a primary alcoholProduct when refluxed
Hydration of a HalogenoalkaneConditions
Diazotisation of phenylamineProduction of Nitrous Acid Equation
Acid Hydrolysis of an EsterConditions
Reduction of NitrobenzeneCatalyst
Alkaline Hydrolysis of an EsterFunctional Groups in products
Oxidation of a secondary alcoholReagents
Reduction of NitrobenzeneFunctional Group of product
Diazotisation of phenylamineReagents (x2)
Diazotisation of phenylamineConditions
Bromination of PhenolIUPAC Product Name
Synthesis of azo dyeReagents
EsterificationFunctional Groups in reactants
Oxidation of a primary alcoholReagents
Nitration of BenzeneConditions

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