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What car does Apollo choose (Titan's Curse)
How long did Annabeth search for Percy? (Lost Hero)
When is Annabeth's birthday? (House of Hades)
Annabeth's fatal flaw (Sea of Monsters)
What did Octavian say when Percy got his SPQR tattoo? (Son of Neptune)
What was position was Reyna in Circe's island? (Sea of Monsters)
What does Festus mean in Latin? (Lost Hero)
Who are Ma Gasket's sons (Lost Hero)
Hazel was bullied by... (Mark of Athena/Hazel's first life)
Jason and Reyna salvaged which ship (Mark of Athena)
Who was Jason's and Thalia's mother (Blood of Olympus I think)
How old was Jason when he was sent to Lupa/Camp Jupiter (Lost Hero)
Who was Luke's mother? (Last Olympian)
Where did Rachel Elizabeth Dare first meet Percy? (Titan's Curse)

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