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Can you name the characters of the TV show 'The Good Wife'?

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Eponymous 'Good Wife', wife of shamed state's attorney
Former state's attorney, and at the end of season 2, the new state's attorney
Male partner at the main law firm in the show
Female partner at the main law firm in the show
Investigator at law firm, bisexual, friends with main character
Male lawyer, was fired from law firm but became lawyer at state's attorney's office
Political strategist
Son of the main character
Daughter of the main character
Mother of disgraced state's attoney
Former partner at law firm, had Alzheimer's
Rival attorney to main character, actor has Parkinson's disease
New partner at law firm, but is removed by the two older partners when they find out he is scheming against them
Rival male private investigator at law firm, leaves at the end of Season 2
Ex girlfriend of son of main character. Plotted against the main character's family.
Extremely liberal judge. Often holds moments of silence before court.
Head of family law, often uses main character for sympathy in divorce settlements. Brings kettle corn.

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