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I polished and powdered and puffed myself
But no, I'm not a crook, and if you think that's what I look, I'll tell you why I'm here and what my motives are.
The young always have the cure being brave being sure
Harry's in trouble and Stannie's in heaven
Where is beatrice now? There was not to be another woman in his life but her
I might join the chorus of the Castle Garden show
Could I wave the years away with a quick goodbye? How do you wipe tears away when your eyes are dry?
It would really be a sin not to have you in my arms
Let nothing confuse me, or phase me... excuse me
I need a conjugal visit from my loving spouse
Point the famous finger. Life's a disappointment. Put the parent through the ringer
The choice may have been mistaken. The choosing was not.
I have come to see the devil get his just and true reward
It was three weeks of bliss, then the usual segue.
Its worth sucking in my gut and girdling my rear
Teach him the second verse of Swanee, and most of Moon River to boot
A pistol shot can't kill if you unload the gun
That wouldn't speed the time. Once the foundation's cracked...
Well all that was is part of me and I am part of what will be
The servants are fine, but a little perverse, and if I'm a tiny bit terse

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