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What was the first comic called?
Who was the first guest artist?
How long is the first podcast? (mm:ss)
Who first coined the term 'NCG'?
When did Tim first send the idea of 2P START! to Ray? (mm.dd.yy)
How many Wikipedia articles are there with 2P START! in the title?
Name one of the three podcast segments which are no longer used.
How much does a 2P START! t-shirt sell for?
How many times has 2P START! won Joystiq's Weekly Webcomic Wrapup?
What webcomic network is 2P START! part of?
What is Tim's favorite drink?
What color is Tim's cell phone in comic 167?
What is Tim drinking in comic 167?
What podcast segment was introduced in podcast 47?
Which comic has Ray done a guest comic for?
Who is the most diehard 2P START! fan?
What was Ray's Twitter username before he changed it to Ray2P?
What was the color of the original 2P START! background?
How many dots tall is the 2P START! logo?
What is Big Kahuna's OMG Factor?
How many iPhone/iPod Touch games has Tim reviewed?
Who got the first Comment of the Week and coined the phrase 'This comic USED to be good.'
How many Brawl-related comics are there?
How many albums are listed in the 'Ray's Music' section on the site?
What is Dr. Pepper branded on Toon Tim?
How many non-postmortem podcasts were released?
How many reviews are there where the professionalism dropped exponentially?

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