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Can you name the four-letter word linking these four-letter body parts?

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Clue4-letter Answer
The topmost part of the body
Perceive with the ear
Become sound or healthy again
Actually existing as a thing
Used to wind fishing line up
The back part of the foot below the ankle
Pellets of frozen rain
Threadlike strands growing from the skin
A set of two things used together
A bucket
A horny covering on the finger/toe
The temporary release of an accused person
A solid or hollow sphere or ovoid
Hesitate or be unwilling to accept an idea
The rear surface of the human body
A financial establishment
A cause of great distress or annoyance
Hard, whitish tissue making up the skeleton
Having no companions; solitary or single
Measuring a great distance from end to end
Clue4-letter Answer
Pair of organs situated within the rib cage
Unable to agree on a verdict
Be suspended from above
The end part of a person's arm
Earth's surface that is not covered by water
To give or contribute obligingly or helpfully
The light-gathering device of a camera
The limbs on which a person or animal walks
Cut pieces of tree trunk
Domesticated pigs
Flavoring and stability agent in beer
Projections of the pelvis and upper thigh bone
Form the upper and lower edges of the mouth
Makes a long tear or cut in
Fully matured
A tube of metal, plastic, or other material
Head of the Roman Catholic Church
A cylindrical object or column
Light in color or having little color
The inner surface of the hand

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