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What is Snapes first name?
Who played Proffessor Mcgonagall in the movies?
Where is the Slytherin common room?
When is Hermione Grangers' Birthday?
What is Albus Dumbledores Patronus?
Where did Harry see Dumbledore when Voldemort killed him?
What car was Arthur Weasleys flying car?
How do you get into the Hogwarts kitchens?
Where was Ginnys jumper when Harry first arrived at the Burrow?
What is Molly Weasleys maiden name?
What is the answer to the sphinxes riddle?
Who bit Remus Lupin?
Where does Charlie Weasley work?
What is Bill and Fleur Weasleys daughters name?
Who is the answer to 14 dating in the epilogue?
Which quidditch team does Ron support?
Who replaces Katie Bell on the Gryffindor Quidditch team?
Who ratted out the DA in the books?
Who ratted out the DA in the movies?
What is the horn in Xenophillius Lovegoods house?
Which Weasley invention makes you vomit uncontrollably?
To whom did Rons wand belong to before it belonged to Ron?
What creature did Rita Skeeter turn into to spy on people?
What creature pushed Dennis Creevey back in his boat?
Who is Grawp?
What is James Potters position in Quidditch in the books?
Who gave Harry his Firebolt?
Who is Barty Crouchs' house-elf?
What is Trelawneys favourite drink in book 5?
Where did Helena Ravenclaw die?
What dragon did Krum face in the Triwizard Tournement?
What is written on Dobbys grave?
What is Umbridges patronus?
Where is Hogwarts?
What is Harrys Gringotts vault number?
What is Dumbledores boggart?
What is the wand Ron steals from the snatchers made out of?
Who appeared in the Burrows fireplace on September 1st book 4?
What is Rons owl called?
Which Weasley died in the Battle of Hogwarts?
Who was framed for the murder of the RIddles?
What is a dark wizard catcher called?
Who is Percys girlfriend at Hogwarts?
What year did Harry start Hogwarts?
How many fouls are there in Quidditch?
How do you best defeat a dragon?
What colour is Harrys homemade Weasley jumper?
What is the last word of the series?
Which goblin is brought to the Lestrange vault under the Imperius curse?
What OWL grade does harry get in Astronomy?

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