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Can you name the missing information from these events which occurred the week of November 11th?

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This veteran Palestinian leader died at the age of 75 in Paris, France.November 11, 2004
This African state gained independence from Portugal.November 11, 1975
This shipyard electrician and Polish Solidarity leader is released after 11 months of internment.November 12, 1982
This American immigration point in New York closes its doors after 62 years.November 12, 1954
The eruption of Nevado del Ruiz in this country results in more than 20,000 deaths, the 2nd most from a volcano in the 20th century.November 13, 1985
Space probe Mariner 9 reaches and goes into orbit around this planet.November 13, 1971
This daughter of Queen Elizabeth II is married at Westminster Abbey.November 14, 1973
Apollo 12, the second mission to the moon, lifts off from Kennedy Space Center commanded by this astronaut.November 14, 1969
The German Luftwaffe left much of this UK city devastated after an overnight bombing raid.November 15, 1940
A military coup in this South American nation deposes of the Emperor and declares the nation a republic.November 15, 1889
This Canadian and Metis rebel leader is executed in Regina.November 16, 1885
In Pakistan's first open election in more than a decade this woman is elected Prime Minister.November 16, 1988
This American ex-soldier was convicted of sniper killings in Washington, DC and Virginia.November 17, 2003
The national anthem of this European nation becomes official, 60 years after it was provisionally chosen.November 17, 2005

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