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Can you name the athletes based on their trademark hairstyle?

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HairstyleNameSport (Years Active)
Wore a flat-top while dropping 3's from beyond the arc.Basketball (1986-2001)
No helmet can contain this safety's wild curls.American Football (2003- Present)
All business in the front, awesome party in the back for the Italian great.Soccer/Football (1982-2004)
Afro prevents the need for a helmet during the play-offs, complements bathrobe.Hockey (2000-Present)
Blocked the ball with his hand, blocked the sun with his afro.Basketball (1996-Present)
Short bowl-style haircut contrasted her elegance on the ice.Figure Skating (1971-1976)
Long blond hair, longer blond goatee.Soccer/Football (1991-2003)
A flaming red moustache for this former Flames great.Hockey (1973-1989)
HairstyleNameSport (Years Active)
He had a wild mullet while it lasted.Tennis (1986-2006)
His dred-locks flop about almost as much as he does in the outfield.Baseball (1993-Present)
The wind resistance from his long ruddy mane didn't prevent him from winning gold.Snowboarding (2002-Present)
Looked like a caveman in the outfield before signing with MLB's bastion of hair-phobia.Baseball (1995-Present)
Took the hockey mullet to strange new places. Like the Czech Republic.Hockey (1988-Present)
Afro. Sideburns. Moustache. His hair got on base before he did.Baseball (1969-1985)
He doesn't like practice, but sure likes cornrows.Basketball (1996-Present)
Balding, with an afro and a goatee. Really, the hair was just migrating down his face.Basketball (1975-1988)

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