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Can you name the 'The Office' characters by the clues given?

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My parents split up.
I pronounced 'smug' like 'smudge'.
I'm the cookie monster.
I have a poster of babies playing instruments.
I ran 'Diversity Today'.
I trashed a bar when I found out my girlfriend kissed another guy.
I won a gold medal in Flankerton in the office olympics.
I share a name with the Phillies star 1st baseman.
I invented Dunderball.
I buy all my clothes from Ann Taylor.
I replaced Dwight's pens with crayons.
I put all of Dwight's complaints against Jim into a box which he thinks is a special file in New York.
Michael thinks I'm not a sharp dresser.
In the foster home, my hair was my room.
I was in juvie.
I sprout mung beans in my desk drawer. They smell like death.
I trapped a bat on Meredith's head.
I hurt my ankle after Mike played around with the forklift.
I invented the 'Suck It!'
I am computron.
Everyone saw my boob on Casual Friday.
I was lost at sea at the beach.
I used my breast pump and Creed stared at me.
Michael is turned on by my daughter.
I was suspended from school so my mom brought me in to work.
I am a huge soccer fan and hate Jim Halpert.
I put Michael's mug in jello.

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