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Forced Order
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Who is the only non related person to show up to Meg's birthday party?Meg And Quagmire
What is said to be Peters favorite movie?Tom Tucker: The Man and His Dream
Who returns?Thanksgiving
Who is Stewies new girlfriend?Mr. and Mrs. Stewie Griffin
Who is released from a mental instituition?Killer Queen
Who buys Lois a blood diamond?Lottery Fever
Who is stewies new friend?Livin On A Prayer
Who shuts down Peters business?Tea Peter
Who is saggy naggy based on?You Cant Do That On Television Peter
What song was Stewie listening to in brians car?Stewie Goes For a Drive
Where does Meg go?Leggo My Meggo
Name one of the episodes?Family Guy Viewer Mail # 2
Who has bad hallucinations?Seahorse Seashells Party
Who is behind all the madness?Forget-Me-Not
Who's idea is it to burn down Goldmans Pharmacy?Burning Down The Bayit
Who is the irresponsible caregiver at Stewies Preschool?Be Careful What You Fish For
Who messes up the present by revealing something in the past?Back To The Pilot
Who falls asleep behind the wheel?Grumpy Old Man
What is the name of brendas abusive boyfriend?Screams Of Silence: The Story Of Brenda Q
Who does peter enlist for help when fighting the amish?Amish Guy
What state do the guys go to?Cool Hand Peter
What is the name of the girl Brian dates?The Blind Side
Who says they want a divorce first?Internal Affairs

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