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Who Is The Bartender?
Who Owns A Pharmacy?
What State Do The Griffins Live In?
What Is Joe's Job?
Who Wins The Puking Contest For The Last Piece Of Pie In The Fridge?
What Town Do The Griffins Live In?
Who Was Accused Of Being Lois's Murderer In Stewie Kills Lois?
What Is Quagmire's Dads Name?
What Is Stewie's Favorite Kid TV Show?
What Are The First 3 Words To The Family Guy Theme Song?
Who Voices Peter?
What Is The Name Of Brian's Best Selling Book?
Who Has The Upside Down Face?
Who Is The Mayor?
What Is The Name Of Quagmire's Baby?
What Is Lois's Maiden Name?
What TV Show Does Stewie Reference When The Screen Goes Black In Mid Sentence?
What Is The Maid's Name?
Who Sings With Brian At The Cabana Club?
Name One Road To... Episode?
Who Lives In Chris's Closet?
Who Is The Female News Anchor?
Who Is Stewie's Favorite Singer?
When Peter Creates His Own Religion, Which Famous TV Character Does He Name His Church After?
Who Is Brian's Cousin?
What Was Megs Guy Name After She Underwent A Sex Change
What Camp Do Chris And Peter Attend?
How Old Is Peter?
What Street Do The Griffins Live On?
Where Does Peter's Real Father Live?
Who Is Revealed To Be Lois's Ex-Boyfriend When The Guys Are Looking For A 4th Member Of Their Group?
When Lois And Peter Open A Restaurant What Is It Called?
What Red Haired Guy Does Meg Kiss?
What Professional Football Team Does Peter Play For?
Who Is Herbert Obsessed With?
Who Is The Bully Who Always Picks On Meg?
Who Is The Hippie guy?
What Do The Goldmans Own?
What Color Are Stewie's Overalls?
Name 1 Of The 2 Schools Meg And Chris Attend?
Who Is Stewie's Younger Brother?
What Happens If You Touch Death's Bones?
What Is Cleveland's Job?
Who Is The Black News Reporter Who Only Talks For about 5 Seconds?
Why Does Peter Have A Stroke?
What Is The Name Of Peter's Real Father
Who Is The Male News Anchor?
What Is The Name Of The Play That Lois Is Supposed To Direct?
In 'And Then There Were Fewer' Who Is The Actual Killer Of All Those People?
Who Does Loretta Cheat On Cleveland With?
Who Is The Town Doctor?
Who Does Quagmire Say Is The One That Got Away?
What Is Peter Classified As After Taking An I.Q Test?
What Type Of Car Does Brian Have?
What Is The Name Of The TV Station Peter Creates?
How Many Fights Does Peter Have With The Giant Chicken?
What Is The Name Of The Pewterschmidts Dog?
What Girl Cheats On Brian With Cleveland?
How Was Joe Crippled?
Name One Of Peters 3 Best Friends?
What Former President Did Lois Have An Affair With
What Celebrity Does The Crab Walk Backward?
Who Is The Asian News Reporter?
What Is The Name Of The Episode When Peter Turns Gay?
Who Does Peter Walk Down The Isle?
What Is The Name Of Stewie's Teddy Bear?
Name A Season 1 Family Guy Episode?
What Is The Name Of The Town That Peter Is Elected Head Of The Town?
What Is Quagmire's Sisters Name?
What Color Is The Griffins House?
Who Stars In Brians Reality TV Show?
What Is The Name Of The Medical Student Meg Dates After Her Coma?
What Is Quagmire's Job?
What Is The Nickname Of Barbara Pewterschmidt?
When Stewie Bets Brian That He Can Be The Most Popular Kid In School In A Week What Is His Fake Name?
Do You Like Family Guy? Type Yes Or No
What Is The Name Of Joe And Bonnie's Son?
What Is Brian's Sons Name?
What Is The Name Of The Bar Peter And His Friends Hang Out At?
Who Gives Peter A Prostate Exam?
Who Is Crippled?
What Is Miley Cyrus In Family Guy?
What Is The Name Of The Old Sailor With Wooden Pegs For Arms And Legs?
What Is Peter's Favorite Song?
What Is The Name Of Cleveland's First Wife?
Who Kills Stewie In The Simulation?
What Is The Name Of The Down Syndrome Girl Chris Takes Out?
Who Does Meg Kiss At The School Dance?
Who Is Brian's Dumb Ex-Girlfriend
What Is The Giant Chickens Name?
What Is The Name Of Peter's Country?
Who Gets Lost In The Woods?
Where Was Peter Born?
In 'And Then There Were Fewer' Who Is Falsely Accused Of Being The Killer That Killed Stephanie, Priscilla, James Woods, Muriel, Derek,
What Does Peter Drop In A Blimp Over Super Bowl XXXIII?
What Is The Name Of Joe And Bonnie's Daughter?
How Many Times Has Lois's Sister Carol Been Married?
Who Does Peter Go Golfing With When He Wins A Celebrity Golf Outing?
Who Is Peter's Boss At The Happy Go Lucky Toy's Factory?
Where Does Peter Meet Jesus?
When The Griffins Go To The Vet Who Does Chris Meet?

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