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Can you name the famous Men with initials JB?

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British spy who goes through perilous missions to save the world
Pop artist who sings the hit song 'Baby'
The much hated lawyer for Casey Anthony
Star point guard for the 2011 NBA champions Dallas Mavericks
Band trio that started its journey being in a the disney movie 'Camp Rock'
Who Is currently leading the MLB in homeruns
A famous American tennis player who is currently ranked 90 in the world
Star comedian known for the movie 'School of Rock'
Animated Cartoon Network character based off of elvis presley
The main protagonist in the show 24
Baseball player inducted into the hall of fame in 1989, whose last name represents where he never started
American singer and songwriter known as 'The Godfather of Soul'
Famous actor whose most recent movie was TRON
An American politician who was the governor of California, twice
The speaker of the house for the United States, also known for a crying issue
The 47th Vice President of the United States, behind Barack Obama

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