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FootballAttempted criminal possession of a weapon. Was sentenced for 2 years
FootballCounterfeiting. Was sentenced for 5 years
FootballConspiracy to commit murder. Was sentenced for 24 years
FootballBurglary. Was sentenced for 15 years
FootballCriminally Negligent Homicide. Was sentenced for 12 1/2 years
FootballSexual Assault, Bribery. Was sentenced for 4 years, 8 months
FootballDrug Trafficking, Attempted Conspiracy to Commit Murder. Was sentenced for 41 years.
FootballDrug Trafficking. Was sentenced for 3 years
FootballProbation Violation relating to weapon possession. Served 120 days.
FootballUsing cell phone to facilitate a drug deal. Served 4 months
FootballInvolved in fatal car crash while intoxicated. Sentenced for three months
FootballDrug possession, evidence tampering. Sentenced for 4 years
FootballDrug Trafficking. Was sentenced for 20 months
FootballDrug Trafficking. Sentenced for 20 years but it was overturned
FootballDrug Trafficking. Sentenced for 7.5 years (2 different offenses)
Footballassault, separate incedent of assault with a deadly weapon. 31 years total
FootballMultiple murders. 25 to life sentence
FootballForgery, theft others, 25 years total
FootballRobbery, kidnapping -- well I'm sure you know. 9 to 33 years. Was found innocent
FootballInterference with a fight crew, simple assault. Sentenced for 2 years
FootballDUI Manslaughter. 30 days incarceration. 2 years house arrest
FootballConspiracy, related to dog fighting. 23 months.
FootballBurglary. Was sentenced for 22 years
BaseballDrug possession with intent to distribute, gun possession. Was sentenced for 20 years, 8 months.
BaseballDrug Possession. Was sentenced for 5 years
BaseballDrug Possession with intent to distribute. 18 months
BaseballFleeing police, violation of probation. 1 year
BaseballThree counts of aggravated sexual assault of a child and two counts of indecency with a child. Serving 45 year sentence.
BaseballDrug Trafficking. 7 years
BaseballSecond Degree Manslaughter. 6-12 years
BaseballDrug Trafficking, embezzlement, racketeering, conspiracy, theft, money laundering, and mail fraud. 20 years total.
BaseballMoney laundering. Fled the country before being sentenced. Whereabouts are unkown (possibly France)
BaseballMurder, theft. Life sentence
BaseballTax Evaison. 5 months
BaseballDrug Possession, Solicitation of prostitution. 18 months
BaseballArmed robbery. Sentenced for 10 years
BaseballSex with a minor. 60 days
BaseballAttempted murder. Sentenced for 14 years
BasketballDrug Trafficking. Sentenced for 5 months
BasketballRobbery, assault. 7 years
BasketballGun possession. 2 months
BasketballReceiving stolen property. 2 years
BasketballFelony marijuana possession. 1 year
Basketball (when he was in high school)maiming by mob. Sentenced for 5 years
BasketballDealing cocaine. 5 years
BasketballBurglary, Robbery, drug possession, sexual assault on a minor. Life Sentence
BasketballBribing players to fix games. 5 to 15 years
BasketballRape (Multiple times). Various sentences. Most recent was for 15 years
BasketballThird degree rape. Sentenced for 1 year
BasketballPossession of cocaine, battery, evading a police officer. Sentenced for 7 months
BasketballVehicular homicide. Sentenced for 4.5 years
BasketballMail fraud, tax fraud. Sentenced for 5.5 years
BasketballKidnapping. Sentenced for 5 years
BasketballDisobeying Police, possession of unlicensed weapon
BasketballDisobeying Police
BasketballMurder, possession of unlicensed weapon. awaiting trial
HockeyConspiracy to commit murder. 7.5 years
HockeyDrug smuggling. 7 years
HockeyDrug possession. 90 days
HockeyConspiracy to traffic drugs. 5 years 10 months
HockeyVehicular homicide. 1 year
HockeyDUI. 30 days

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