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Starting Quarterback in Football Star/Now Likes Poetry
Starting Wilson High Quarterback
Sweet Redhead Cheerleader
Nerdy Girl That Makes Potions
Nerdy Girl That Dates Andrew
Foreign Hottie
Supports Daughter And Niece
Cheerleader Date in Football Star
Nerdy Kid Turned Popular
Nerdy Kid Dating Former Cheerleader
Former Backup Quarterback/College Roomie
Spike's Younger Brother
Centerscore Jock/University Jock
Will You Make The Team?
Centerscore's Resident Badboy
Wilson High Player/Dated Centerscore Girl
Spunky Girl With Purple Hair
Goth Chick Who Is Now In College/Loves Poetry And Blood Baby
Fellow Pledge At Centerscore University
Very Strict Principal/Criminal
Brazilian Girl
Head Cheerleader's Younger Brother
Prom Queen From Megapack
Nerd/Went To Prom With Monarch Prep Girl
Cousin Of Centerscore Bully
Actress/Swim Team
Seminar On Meeting Girls
Howard's Father
Main Character Throughout Episodes/Big Romantic Gestures
Leader of MAN
Basketball/Football Player/Actor/Popular
Main Character In Football Star
The Judge
Class President
Nerdy Girlfriend/Dated One Of The Main Characters Briefly
Howard's Sister
Howard's Sister
First Male Cheerleader
Mechanic Formerly In Love Triangle
Bakes Cookies
Formerly in Love Triangle/Now On Swim Team
As Time Goes By
Italian, But Living In France
Cheerleader Impossible To Win Over In New Girl
Tough Girl Mechanic
Birth Giver
Obsessed Actress
Nutty Faculty Member
Elderly Baker Woman
Boy Crazy Redhead Cheerleader
Only Cop Shown
Monarch Prep Girl With Boat
Original Head Cheerleader/Villian In Prom Megapack
Blonde-Haired Prep Girl
Defined As A Cute Boy/Dated A Number Of Girls For Lengthy Periods
Wilson High Cheerleader
RedHead Monarch Prep Girl
Cheerleader Only Appeared In New Girl
Goth Choice In Football Star
Centerscore Loser/Bully
Cheerleader/Swimmer With A Temper
Swim Team MVP
Best Party Ever
Very Rich Business Man/Tried To Destroy Centerscore
Loser From Wilson
Bully/Dreams Of Fist Club
Tough Girl From Wilson
Former Head Cheerleader/Wrote Gossip Files
Rich Snob Reformed
Centerscore Quarterback/Not Too Smart
The New Girl
Had A Crush On John During Spring Break

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