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Forced Order
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Prince of the fire nationAvatar: The Last Airbander
A pink animal who loves mudBack at the Barnyard
Big headed geniusJimmy Neutron: Boy Genius
A pink starfishSpongbob Sqaurepants
A roosterBack at the Barnyard
Buck-toothed boyFairly Odd Parents
The Avatar's Water Tribe friendAvatar: The Last Airbander
A squirrel under waterSpongbob Sqaurepants
A goofy cowBack at the Barnyard
Is yellowSpongbob Sqaurepants
The Avatar's crushAvatar: The Last Airbander
The cow's small friendBack at the Barnyard
Fairy BabyFairly Odd Parents
The Avatar's Earth Bending teacherAvatar: The Last Airbander
The AvatarAvatar: The Last Airbander
A female cow who has a crush on OtisBack at the Barnyard
A ferretBack at the Barnyard
An older cow who lost her sonBack at the Barnyard
Green haired fairyFairly Odd Parents
Pink haired fairyFairly Odd Parents

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