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Forced Order
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yea I'm out that
right next to DeNiro
I'm the new Sinatra
yea they love me everywhere
right there up on broadway
took me to my stashspot
crusin' down 8th street off white lexus
me i'm out that Bed-Stuy home of that boy biggie
say what up to TyTy
sitting courtside,
i be spike'd out i could trip a referee
catch me at an x with og
****, i made the yankee hat
you should know i bleed blue
but i got a gang of (bad word)
welcome to the melting pot
africa bambataa ****
yellow cab, gypsy cab, dollar cab, holla back
eight million stories out there in it naked
me i got a plug
if jesus payin' lebron
three dice cee-lo three card marley
statue of liberty long live the world trade
lights is blinding
so they could step out of bounds quick
who sip the light casually then gradually
caught up in the crowd
and when the winter gets cold
the city of sin is a pity of whim
mommy took a bus trip
everybody ride her
hail mary to the city
and jesus can't save you
came here for school
ball players, rap stars
MDMA got you feeling like a champion
one hand in the air
no place in the world that could compare
yeahhh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeahhhh yeah yeah yeah yeah

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