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Forced Order
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Gain revenge on protagonist for feeding hand to crocodile
Turn prince into amphibian, use blood to marry rich girl, kill rich girl's dad, get his money
Put protagonist to sleep with a poisoned apple
Use large army to take over protagonist's country
Use protagonist as live puppet to make money
Keep protagonist in room so she can't try on slipper
Kill protagonist by having her prick her finger
Kidnap protagonist and keep her in tower to use hair
Make deal with protagonist, break deal and kidnap, trade protagonist for father
Kidnap puppies to make fur coat
Make robot queen, kill real queen, rule
Use expert in gibberish to find sunken city
Use wild man to find gorilla nest
Stage archery tournament to lure protagonist and then capture and kill him
Threaten to put father in asylum unless protagonist agrees to marry
Drown cats in river to inherit house and money
Marry princess, become sultan, drop father and daughter off cliff
Use orphan to find big shiny diamond hidden in cave
Arrange fatal 'accident' for father and son, rule
Turn boys into donkeys to sell to mines and circuses

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