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Can you name the Events Leading Up to The Civil War?

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This invention made slavery more profitable and important
In 1820 this rule sets a division among the north and the south on the 36,30 line. Any state above the line is a free state, any under is a slave
This state comes in as a free state in 1820
This state comes in as a slave state, keeping the states balanced
In 1832 South Carolina refuses to pay their tariffs, this is called...
1837, the issue of slavery is not to be discussed
1839, Slaves kidnapped from Africa on this boat revolt and kill their captors, eventually getting the court to rule on their side and send them back to Africa
This state comes into the union in 1845
Polk threatens to take Mexico, the border between Mexico and Texas is confused leading to this war
This treaty ends the Mexican War, resulting in 10 states entering the union
This states that: california comes in as a free state, no slave trade in DC, fugitive slave act (northerners to report escaped,free slaves in the north), and popular sovereignty
This book is published in 1852 highlighting the terrors of slavery
This act states that each state has the right to vote if they want to be free or slave states
This states that the US wants Cuba and will take it if we have to (under Pierce)
in 1856 this act describes the north and south sending their people over to Kansas in order to keep it balanced, thus not becoming free or slave
in 1857 this decision says that blacks taken into free territory are not free and that blacks anywhere, free or slave states, are not citizens
1858, these two men debate slavery only in the territories
Lincoln wins the election with this percent of the popular vote
When Lincoln wins, seven states do what?
Lincoln sends aid to North, leading the south to do what?

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