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Can you name the U.S Presidents from the given clues?

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Forced Order
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The first president born in Ohio
First African American sworn into office
The only president with a Ph.D.
Too big for the bath tub
Only president to serve 2 nonconsecutive terms
His name was Leslie Lynch King Jr. at birth
Was in office for the shortest amount of time of any president
President known as the Great Emancipator
He was general partner of the Texas Rangers
The only president to serve in the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812
Was struck with polio in 1921
The first president to live in the White House
The first president born an American citizen
He had beagles named Him and Her
General of the Continental army
His middle name is Milhous
He was inaugurated 100 years after George Washington
As cuddly as a teddy bear
Was an actor before becoming president
He approved the Star Spangled Banner as our national anthem
The first vice president to replace a president due to death
Author of the declaration of independence

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