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Can you name the first person to do each thing on SASUKE?

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Forced Order
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first to achieve Kanzenseiha
first to clear the Shin-Cliffhanger
first to fail the Metal Spin
first to clear Shin-SASUKE's First Stage
first to attempt 1-4's Final Stage
first to attempt 5-17's Final Stage
first to attempt 18-24's Final Stage
first #100 to reach the Final Stage
first foreigner to attempt Final Stage
first to clear Stage 2 twice
first to ever clear Stage 2
first to clear Stage 1 for at least 5 tournaments in a row
first person to attempt SASUKE via the American Ninja Challenge
first to clear Stage 2 with more than 30 seconds remaining
first to fail the first rung of the Salmon Ladder
first person to attempt Stage 1 last that was not #100
first to grab the top support of the Jump Hang instead of the net part
first to attempt Stage 3 in SASUKE 13
first to clear the Soritatsu Kabe (Warped Wall)
first to attempt 4 different versions of the Cliffhanger

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