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Can you name the described thing relating to SASUKE for each letter?

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first SASUKE championA
Japanese name for the 'Spinning Log'B
eliminated Asaoka Hiroyuki in SASUKE 11C
Stage 2 obstacle from SASUKE 16 that eliminated only one personD
first obstacle in SASUKE 14E
number of finalists in SASUKE 1F
main color of the Stage 1 mats in SASUKE 25G
Shin Sedai ('New Star') who cleared Stage 3 on his first attempt, in SASUKE 24H
7th place finisher in American Ninja Warrior 1I
5th Stage 3 obstacle in every tournament from SASUKE 14 to SASUKE 24J
what you achieve when you complete the entire courseK
Rope/Salmon/Swing ______L
UNCLI #2, who failed the 7th Stage 1 obstacle in both SASUKE 21 and SASUKE 25M
second SASUKE championN
oldest person to ever attempt the Final StageO
Stage 3 obstacle that has been failed by every All-Star at least onceP
G4 translation for the GodantobiQ
eliminated Yamamoto Shingo in SASUKE 9R
replaced Wall Lifting in SASUKE 18S
has cleared Stage 1 a record 17 times (as of 2015)T
third (and fourth) SASUKE championU
competition that Kane Kosugi reached the Final Stage (in Roman numerals)V
only competitor to clear Stage 1 in both SASUKE 18 and SASUKE 19W
SASUKE 24 obstacle that replaced the Curtain SliderX
number of obstacles that Aoki Yasuo has ever passed on SASUKEZ

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