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Can you name the tournaments described by each clue in under 2 minutes?

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HintTournament Number
The Backstream, the first swimming obstacle ever on SASUKE, makes its debut
7 people in a row fail the Pipe Slider
The Shin-Cliffhanger is finally cleared
Takeda Toshihiro fails Stage 3 for the 10th time
Nagano Makoto makes his debut
Komiya Rie's first known tournament
The Swap Salmon Ladder creates controversy after several top competitors are disqualified on it
The Rolling Maruta (Rolling Log) is introduced
#100 does NOT go last in Stage 1
Balance Tank eliminates more than 1 competitor
Starting position numbers are NOT written in Brush Script
7 of the 9 former finalists who reach Stage 2 run out of time
The first tournament without a form of Wall Lifting as the final Stage 2 obstacle
#85 advances past Stage 1 for the first time
The Unstable Bridge is introduced
The tournament is held indoors
HintTournament Number
Nagano Makoto is the only All-Star to clear any obstacles
Everyone who cleared Stage 1 also clears Stage 2
All 6 All-Stars clear the First Stage for the second time
Kobayashi Shinji presses the Stage 1 finish button with his foot
A record high amount of competitors advance past Stage 1 and Stage 2
Wakky finally clears Stage 1
Iijima Toyohisa's showboating costs him a Stage 1 clear
Kuramochi Minoru clears (and Sato Hiromichi fails) the Log Grip
NAOTO makes it farther than all of the All-Stars that competed
Akiyama Kazuhiko finally clears the Jump Hang
Shiratori Bunpei goes the farthest
Yamada Katsumi's first missed tournament
A first-time competitor leaves a record 38.5 seconds left on the clock after clearing Stage 2
Jordan Jovtchev clears Stage 1 with '0.00' on the clock
Yamamoto Shingo is the only person who goes to Stage 3

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