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Can you name the competitors on SASUKE who are the only people to have done the following things?

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Forced Order
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Only...CompetitorExtra Information
All-Star to never attempt the Final Stage
woman to ever clear Stage 1
person to compete at least 5 times and never fail Stage 1
person to attempt the first and second versions of the Final Stage
person to attempt the second and third versions of the Final Stage
person to be the first one to attempt Stage 3 in a tournament and clear it
All-Star to never fail the original Jump Hang
person to clear the Shin-Cliffhanger without jumping across the big gap
person to attempt/beat the Swing Ladder twice
Japanese competitor in Stage 3 in SASUKE 26
Only...CompetitorExtra Information
person to be eliminated in Stage 2 of SASUKE 12
person to complete the Final Stage twice
person to be the first AND last competitor to attempt Stage 1 in a SASUKE competition
person to time out on the Rope Ladder at least 4 times
fail the original Salmon Ladder by taking the bar off of the rungs
person to fail the Delta Bridge
female who qualified for SASUKE via the American Ninja Challenge
Shin Sedai to fail Stage 1 in SASUKE 25
person to both compete in and announce a SASUKE tournament
person to fail the Chain Reaction after SASUKE 11

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