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number of SASUKE All-Stars
number of tournaments broadcast in Japan (as of 2015)
unofficial number of competitors in each tournament
total number of Final Stage attempts (as of 2015)
Stage 1 clears in SASUKE 4
total number of Stage 1 clears (as of 2015)
total number of Stage 2 clears (as of 2015)
Metal Spin failures in SASUKE 16
highest starting position to not yet clear Stage 1 (as of 2015)
highest starting position to not yet clear Stage 2 (as of 2015)
sum of the numbers of the 5 tournaments in which Nagano Makoto reached the Final Stage
lowest starting position to clear Stage 3 (as of 2015)
seconds given to clear Stage 2 in SASUKE 14
total number of times Takeda Toshihiro has cleared a stage (as of 2015)
average of the numbers of the tournaments in which Kanzenseiha was achieved on SASUKE
record amount of seconds remaining on the clock after clearing any stage on SASUKE (as of 2015)
record number of letters in a SASUKE competitor's name (as of 2015)
how many different individuals ever cleared the Shin-Cliffhanger
tournaments without any Final Stage attempts (as of 2015)
year in which SASUKE was first broadcast in Japan

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