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Can you name the History of Sutter Health - Crisis & Changing Governance?

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In 1979, a scandal related to allegations against William Miofsky almost destroyed Sutter. What position did he hold at the time?Late 1970's
How many years did Miofsky go to jail for (spell out the number)?Late 1970's
Which newspaper broke the story?Late 1970's
After the scandal, who was appointed CEO in 1979?Late 1970's
1970's was the era of free love, peace signs, and ______.Late 1970's
What t-shirt company did Alejandro mention during this time period?Late 1970's
Patrick Hays had all the ____ answers.Late 1970's
Patrick Hays was previously employed by which of Sutter's competitors before accepting the CEO position?Late 1970's

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