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Where were the administrative offices located at?Mid to Late 1980's
How many inches of water did the buildings flood?Mid to Late 1980's
How many times did the buildings flood (spell it out)?Mid to Late 1980's
During this time period, the Company was renamed Sutter Health from it's original name of _______ ________ _______ as the original name sounded cold.Mid to Late 1980's
What was the old Sutter logo affectionately called (2 words)?Mid to Late 1980's
During what time period did the Company adopt a new strategic plan (XXXX-XXXX)?Mid to Late 1980's
What is the address of Sutter General's new facility that was opened in 1987?Mid to Late 1980's
During this time period, the Sutter Center for Psychiatry, a freestanding psychiatric hospital opened in which state?Mid to Late 1980's

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