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There is an awesome facility in the basement of Silliman College called the Sillidome. What is it?
Oldest residential college
Length of Yale's spring break
“Yale” comes from the Welsh word “ial” meaning...?
This Yalie is known as America's first spy
Student organization that performs reduced-gravity experiment
Nickname for Lanman-Wright Hall, where Berkeley and Pierson freshmen live
A night when student groups tells their new members they have been accepted
Great place to stop in for a snack until 2 AM, or use a $7 meal swipe for lunch
Holiday event orchestrated (no pun intended) in Woolsey by the Yale Symphony Orchestra
Famous Alexander Calder kinetic sculpture that stands in Beinecke Plaza
Yale’s most popular sandwich, including buffalo chicken, lettuce, tomato, and secret sauce
Nickname for an a cappella concert
Best place to get free ice cream on campus
Great place to order late-night, greasy, heart-stopping food. One in every residential college
Verb for picking classes
Intramural Sports trophy
Before it was a center for New Haven community activity, the New Haven Green was a...
Term you’ll hear a lot meaning “prospective students”, aka, you!
Weeklong period before classes start first semester
About a mile and a half away from campus, with a breathtaking view overlooking the entirety of New Haven. Many students bike or jog here!
Food mix (Teddy Grahams, Raisins, M&M's, almonds, dried bananas, Chex Mix, and Froot Loops) eaten by Yalies on FOOT
Yale's hockey rink
Legendarily large, two-story freshman suites located on Old Campus
New Haven Public beach with spectacular views of the Long Island Sound only a few miles from campus
New Haven will celebrate its ____ birthday this year

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