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Constricts pupils and relieves intraocular pressure in glaucoma
Irreversible nonselective alpha blocker
Use for ileus and urinary retention
A1 selective blocker
Reduce bladder spasms (1 of 2)
Norepinephrine (order of receptor binding)
Prevents NE reuptake
Analog of atropine
Antispasmodic for IBS
isoproterenol (receptors it binds)
Reduce airway secretions, treat PUD and drooling
Prevents ACh from being packaged into vesicles
Motion sickness
Increases NE release
A2 selective blocker
Can cross the BBB to treat anticholinergic toxicity
Reduce bladder spasms (2 of 2)
Prevents NE release from presynaptic terminal
Phenylephrine (order of receptor binding)
Increases histamine concentration via bacterial histidine decarboxylase
Blocks dopamine uptake into vesicle
Prevents choline uptake into terminal
Epinephrine (order of receptor binding)
Reversible nonselective alpha blocker
Toxin that prevents Na channel depolarization
Dobutamine (order of receptor binding)
Challenge test for asthma
A2 agonist
Antimuscarinic for Parkinson's disease
Prevents DOPA from being made into tyrosine
Stimulates sweat, tears, saliva
Toxin that opens Na channels --> depolarization
Prevents release of ACh from presynaptic terminals

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