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Can you name the countries, cities, villages and streets which appear in the Harry Potter books?

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England lost to this region 
Scotland lost to this country 
Wales lost to this country 
Ireland won from this country 
Ireland won from this country 
The Potters lived here, as well as Dumbledore and many other wizards 
Shell Cottage is located here 
The Dursleys lives here (county) 
The Dursleys lives here (village) 
The Burrow is located here (county) 
The Burrow is located here (village) 
Horace Slughorn lives here (village) 
The Riddle family lived here (village) 
Malfoy Manor is located in this county 
Snape lives in this street 
The Black family lived here (street) 
Gringotts Wizarding Bank is located in this street 
Borgin & Burkes is located in this street 
The Leaky Cauldron is located in this city 
The Three Broomsticks is located in this city 
St. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries is located in this city 
Hermione visited this city with here parents and Hagrid and Olympe Maxime travelled through the city on their way to the giants 
Charlie works in this country 
Bill works in this country 
Voldemort is said to hide in this country 
Beauxbatons Academy of Magic is located in this country 
Durmstrang Institute for Magical Learning is here 
Platform 9¾ is located in this station 
Gilderoy Lockhart claimed that he had helped to put stop to 'a series of attacks' in this (African) city 
Azkaban is located here 

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