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Guess the animals of African savanna from the origin of their name?

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Nama language, 'i-ngu' , onomatopeicword introduced in Europe by Dutch travellers
Afrikaans/Dutch : Part 1 : Dutch for 'lake'Part 2 : Dutch for 'cat'
Greek 'κροκόδειλος', through Latin and FrenchPerhaps from κρόκη (“pebbles”) + δρῖλος (“worm”)
Greek 'σκορπίος', through Latin and Fenchfrom Indo-European *(s)ker- ('to cut')
Greek 'ὕαινα' , through LatinFrom 'ὗς' ('swine; pig') +‎ -αινα ('feminine suffix')
French 'babouin', Old French 'baboue' ('grimace')of Germanic origin
Greek 'ἐλέφας' ('ivory'), through Latin and FrenchMaybe from Proto-berber and Egyptian sources
Part 1 : Proto-Germanic *wartǭPart 2 : Proto-Germanic *hawwaną ('to hew')
Through French : Part 1 : Latin 'avis' ('bird')Part 2 : 'στρουθιοκάμηλος' ('sparrow + camel')
Middle Dutch 'monnekijn', colloquial word ultimately from Arabic ميمون 'maymūn' ('species of primates')
Greek : Part 1 : 'λέων', another animal in savannaPart 2 : 'πάρδαλις', ('panther')
Portuguese/Spanish, from Latin 'bubalus'from Greek 'βούβαλος' ('species of antelope')
Hindi चीता 'citra' ('leopard')from Sanskrit 'चित्र 'citra' ('bright')
From Portuguese through Italianmaybe 'ezebrario', from latin 'equiferus' ('wild horse')
Afrikaans : Part 1 : 'earth'Part 2 : 'pig', cognate with English 'farrow'
Greek 'λέων', through Latin and FrenchMany ancient languages had similar words, like Akkadian
Greek : Part 1 : ' ἵππος' ('horse')Part 2 : 'ποταμός' ('river')
Greek : Part 1 ῥίς ('nose')Part 2 : κέρας ('horn')
Late Greek 'ἀνθόλοψ', through Latin and FrenchFurther etymology unknown
Arabic زرافة 'zarāfa' , through Italian and Frenchprobably from an African language

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