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ACity close to Y, with an important cathedral
BIn what material are built most of houses?
CCommune next to Y, which name means 'cross'
EWhat is the closest sea?
FOf which country is it the shortest place name?
HWhat current region is it located?
IIt was spelt this way at in Middle Age
JSurname of the mayor. (old french for 'pretty')
KThis Pacific country is almost as high as Y
LNot like Y, what's the longest Europe's place name?
MY is twinned with this mediterranean French port.
NWhat direction is it from the country's capital?
PIn what former region is Y?
QDépartement number (you can type digits)
RWhat color is the church most of houses?
SIn what departement is it located?
UY is at the same latitude as Lviv, in what country?
V'Rural habitation of small size.'; which describes Y
WIt was destroyed during this war.
YDemonym, formed on a Greek letter

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